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Hinduism acknowledges the differences in people's personalities and religious temperments and takes a marvelously and ripely practical attitude to attaining union with the Atman-Brahman (the One True God).

In Hinduism there are 4 paths outlined called paths of yoga (UNION WITH GOD) which are different wanys of imagining, approaching and enacting the divine.

1. Jnana Yoga : The path of transcendent through knowledge.

2. Bhakti Yoga: The path of devotion, usually by the image of a personal God.

3. Raja Yoga: The path of royal (raj) reintegration through psychophysical excercises.

4. Karma Yoga: The path of works and action dedicated selflessly to the Supreme.

From, THE ESSENTIAL MYSTICS by Andrew Harvey

There is great deal of misunderstanding that surrounds Hinduism and that is found mainly among people of the Book (Jewish, Christians and Islam). This is because Hindus worship in many gods and worship idols which seems polytheistic from external. But that is not the Soul of Hinduism. Hindus also acknowledge only One Supreme Being. But they believe in different level of manifestation of Divine and since Hinduism evolved in early state of human intellectual evolution, forms was created and needed to understand the Limitless Divine into limited forms. Thus idols were created although the basic of doctrine of Hinduism is essentially Monotheistic. Read more on Hindu Philosophy.

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