How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 3 What Magick Is

How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 3 What Magick Is Cover
Magick is a way of using your Power. More technically, magick is the process of non-physically affecting your environment through messages consciously impressed on the subconscious with a system of symbols. (This will become clear later.) This is the broadest definition and it can include such things as prayer, meditation, chanting, positive thinking, subliminal tapes, programming and hypnotism.

Some think that magick is unnatural and evil. It is no more evil than any tool. A knife, for instance, is "good" or "evil" depending on its use. It can be invaluable in many beneficial projects, yet it can also harm. Nothing is immune to misuse. People even try to use prayer against others. Such potential is not a reason for fear, but for respect. The idea that magick is unnatural is a modern misconception. Magic has only recently come to mean Hollywood special effects or pulling rabbits from hats. It is often spelled magick in order to distinguish it from this new meaning. For millennia magick has been a path to enlightenment and self mastery or just plain getting what you want. It is nothing supernatural. Magick uses natural powers and the natural flow of the universe to bring about the changes you desire. We are so immersed in magick that, like still air, we are unaware of it. We all use this power without thought, like breathing. Magick is using these powers with awareness.

Magick involves placing a message of your choosing into your subconscious. This is all that is necessary to achieve any goal. The power of the subconscious is awesome. When you unite it with your conscious will, you can do anything you want. Remove the internal barriers and the external barriers melt away. Oriental philosophy would call this "following the Tao." Achieving this is the challenge of magick.

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Kveldulf Gundarsson - Teutonic Magic The Magical And Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples
John Campbell Colquhoun - An History Of Magic Witchcraft And Animal Magnetism

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What Your Favorite Method Of Astral Projection

What Your Favorite Method Of Astral Projection Image
We all have that one favorite astral projection technique. The one we practice constantly until we become masters at it. There's this article I found that not only contained the author's favorite astral projection technique, but a cool list of reasons to "why" (or even how) spontaneous astral projections occur and why relaxation is SO important. Read on.


Astral projection is challenging (to put it mildly) but I think that if we review some universal truths about it we can draw some interesting conclusions (which also led to the formation of my favorite technique.)

The first universal law for astral projection is RELAXATION. Not just relaxation, as in what is accomplished through an hour of meditation, but complete and total relaxation! According to monitored readings of the body during both sleep and astral projection, the body is more relaxed during an OBE than sleep!

People who report spontaneous projections are so tired, so relaxed, that they "pop out" or simply just notice that they are no longer in their body. Let's review those situations where either a spontaneous projection happens, or is attained more easily:

* People coming home from a hard day's work and crash on the couch for a nap. This is usually PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, not mental.
* SICK PEOPLE who have stayed in bed for days and are "delirious". Sylvan Muldoon was bed ridden for years, William Buhlman talked about the drastic increase in OBE activity when he was very ill and bed ridden.
* People who have had NITROUS OXIDE (LAUGHING GAS) AT THE DENTIST report spontaneous out of body experiences. In fact I know of a dental assistant who specifically uses nitrous oxide on herself to induce OBE's (I do not recommend this!) Why does this work? Because nitrous oxide produces a partial loss of the awarenes of your surroundings and causes deep relaxation. The only spontaneous projection that my husband ever had was while he was on nitrous oxide at the dentist (and thought he had died because he was bobbing on the ceiling and could see his body perfectly.)
* Robert Monroe had to HAVE SEVERAL SLEEP CYCLES before projecting probably for the same reasons as the rest of us. It takes hours to unwind from a stressful job, traffic, and life.

From these clues we can draw our summary. To OBE we need to r"elax to such a degree that the body is immobile". Forget your evening attempts because even if you are tired and feel relaxed, you'll just fall asleep. Or the stress of the day will not allow you to relax to the degree you need.

This leads to my favorite technique, which probably won't fit a lot of lifestyles, but here it is!

By the way, I love using visualization to astral project. It seems to be my favorite (so far).


Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Various Authors - Childhoods Favorites And Fairy Stories
The Troth - Heathen Gods And Rites Some Frequently Asked Questions
Robert Bruce - Treatise On Astral Projection

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Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley Image
"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

This second installment of Thelema Quotes draws upon ideas surrounding self-discipline and how it affects accomplishing one's will. All quotes are from "The Book of the Law" or Aleister Crowley (The Beast 666).


"There is help refine thy rapture! If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art: if thou love, exceed by delicacy; and if thou do aught joyous, let there be subtlety therein!"
-"The Book of the Law", II:70


"Behold the Yoke upon the neck of the Oxen! Is it not thereby that the Field shall be ploughed? The Yoke is heavy, but joineth together them that are separate -- Glory to Nuit and to Hadit, and to Him that hath given us the Symbol of the Rosy Cross! Glory unto the Lord of the Word Abrahadabra, and Glory unto Him that hath given us the Symbol of the Ankh, and of the Cross within the Circle!
Three are the Beasts wherewith thou must plough the Field; the Unicorn, the Horse, and the Ox. And these shalt thou yoke in a triple yoke that is governed by One Whip. Now these Beasts run wildly upon the earths and are not easily obedient to the Man The Unicorn is speech. Man, rule thy Speech! How else shalt thou master the Son, and answer the Magician at the right hand gateway of the Crown? The Horse is Action. Man, rule thine Action. How else shalt thou master the Father, and answer the Fool at the Left Hand Gateway of the Crown? The Ox is Thought. Man, rule thy Thought! How else shalt thou master the Holy Spirit, and answer the High Priestess in the Middle Gateway of the Crown?
Thus bind thyself, and thou shalt be for ever free."
-Liber III vel Jugorum


"Consider the Bond of a cold Climate, how it maketh Man a Slave; he must have Shelter and Food with fierce Toil. Yet hereby he becometh strong against the Elements, and his moral Force waxeth, so that he is Master of such Men as live in Lands of Sun where bodily Needs are satisfied without Struggle. Consider also him that willeth to exceed in Speed or in Battle, how he denieth himself the Food he craveth, and all Pleasures natural to him, putting himself under the harsh Order of a Trainer. So by this Bondage he hath, at the last, his Will. Now then the one by natural, and the other by voluntary, Restriction have come each to greater Liberty. This is also a general Law of Biology, for all Development is Structuralization; that is, a Limitation and Specialization of an originally indeterminate Protoplasm, which latter may therefore be called free, in the Definition of a Pedant."


"Shameful confession, one of my own Chelas (or so it is rather incredibly reported to me) said recently: "Self-discipline is a form of Restriction." (That, you remember, is "The word of Sin ".) Of all the utter rubbish! (Anyhow, he was a "centre of pestilence" for discussing the Book at all.) About 90 % of Thelema, at a guess, is nothing but self-discipline. One is only allowed to do anything and everything so as to have more scope for exercising that virtue."
-"Magick Without Tears", chapter 70


"In the Body every Cell is subordinated to the general physiological Control, and we who will that Control do not ask whether each individual Unit of that Structure be consciously happy. But we do care that each fulfil its Function, and the Failure of even a few Cells, or their Revolt, may involve the Death of the whole Organism. Yet even here the Complaint of a few, which we call Pain, is a Warning of general Danger. Many Cells fulfil their Destiny by swift Death, and this being their Function, they in no wise resent it. Should Haemoglobin resist the Attack of Oxygen, the Body would perish, and the Haemoglobin would not even save itself. How, o my Son, do thou then consider deeply of these Things in thine Ordering of the World under the Law of Thelema. For every Individual in the State must be perfect in his own Function, with Contentment, respecting his own Task as necessary and holy, not envious of another's. For so only mayst thou build up a Free State, whose directing Will shall be singly directed to the Welfare of all."
-Liber Aleph, "DE ORDINE RERUM"


"What is true for every School is equally true for every individual. Success in life, on the basis of the Law of Thelema, implies severe self-discipline."
-"Magick Without Tears", chapter 8


For more information on this topic check out these links:

* Liber III vel Jugorum - An instruction for control of speech, action, and thought.

* Liber E vel Exercitiorum sub figura IX - Instructs the aspirant in the necessity of keeping a record. Suggests methods of testing physical clairvoyance. Gives instruction in Asana, Pranayama and Dharana, and advises the application of tests to the physical body, so that the student may thoroughly understand his own limitations.

Love is the law, love under will.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

John Moore - Aleister Crowley A Modern Master Extract
Kenneth Grant - Aleister Crowley And The Hidden God
Thomas Voxfire - What Was Aleister Crowley

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