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Back in the late 1990's there was something of a shift in the approach taken to Enochian magick. Up until that time most practitioners had pretty much accepted the Golden Dawn approach as published by Israel Regardie and articulated by Gerald Schueler, who had at that time written several introductory books on the system. One of the big points of contention when working with the Golden Dawn system was the elaborate pronunciation system believed to have been developed by Wynn Wescott. This pronunciation system linked the Angelic language to Hebrew by inserting Hebrew vowel sounds into difficult-to-pronounce clusters of consonants. In the late 1990's, though, a number of authors came to the conclusion that the best pronunciation system was that recorded by John Dee himself during his scrying sessions with Edward Kelley. Today Dee's pronunciation is used by most of the practitioners I know, which is quite different from the situation a decade or so ago. There is still some disagreement regarding how to read Dee's notations for particular words, but the insertion of Hebrew vowels is for the most part a complete non-starter.

Over the past few years it seems like another shift is on its way. The rise in popularity of grimoire magick has renewed interest in studying Enochian magick as a grimoire-based or at least grimoire-influenced style of magick. The Golden Dawn system relied on an elaborate series of Qabalistic associations to link Enochian into the order's version of the Tree of Life, and in fact there are still quite a few magicians who have found that dialect of the system useful. On the other hand, it seems like these days more and more people are working "old school" and many of the recent books on the system reflect this approach. These include Aaron Leitch's The Angelical Language Volume I and Volume II, Stephen Skinner's Practical Angel Magic of John Dee's Enochian Tables, and of course my own Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy, which includes modern ritual forms but still preserves the original structure of the system for those who would rather work with it that way. In addition, one of the first books published based on the original approach, Gfrey James' The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee is still in print. It was first published in 1983, so it seems to have predated the recent trend by almost thirty years.

I mention this more grimoire-based approach in reference to two recent posts by Frater AIT, a Golden Dawn initiate, who has started working with a more stripped down originalist approach to Enochian and is publishing his results. You can find those posts here and here, and while his results are somewhat preliminary they are nonetheless quite interesting. If we really are seeing another shift in Enochian studies back toward the original source material that strikes me as a pretty cool thing. Back when I first started working with the system I adored James' book (back then, the Heptangle edition, which I still use from time to time) and felt a lot more lukewarm about Schueler and even Aleister Crowley's "Liber Chanokh", which essentially summarizes the Golden Dawn approach. It's very clear to me that while Qabalistic associations can be found within the Enochian system, it's essentially a more complex and sophisticated version of grimoire magick rather than a fundamentally Tree-of-Life-based cipher with questionable Egyptian attributions. That's not to say anyone who's getting good results with Golden Dawn methods should nonetheless stop working that way - far from it! It's more to suggest that anyone who has found the Golden Dawn methods lacking like I did should take a look at the grimoire approach and see if it works better for them.

So does all this really constitute a new trend? I certainly hope so, and not just because I want to sell a lot of books. Unlike any of the other grimoire systems that have survived, with Enochian we have transcripts of the original sessions that led to its creation. In effect, this provides ritual hackers like myself with the "source code" to delve much more deeply into the system and perhaps even shed more light on the inner workings of the entire grimoire magick approach to ritual work. As I see it, the people who are out there conducting similar experiments to mine the better, especially if like Frater AIT they are willing to share some of their results with the community at large.

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Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Circulation Of The Body Of Light Cover
1- Do Relaxation Ritual, LBRP, and the Middle Pillar Ritual, but do not have the Middle Pillar vanish.

2- Visualize Keter sending current of energy down into your head and to the left shoulder. Let it go down the left side of your body and up your right, back to Keter. When you exhale, feel the energy going down your left side, inhale, then feel it go up your right side. Move the energy with your breath for six to ten cycles. You may expand or contract the energy.

3- Now direct the energy so that as you exhale, it goes down your front. Inhale, and it goes up your back to Keter.

4- Re-visualize the Middle Pillar and focus on Mahl-Koot. Visualize the energy spiraling from your right foot, up around your left leg, and so on, until it reaches Keter. There, it explodes and falls back to Mahl-Koot, and begins again. Inhale, rise, exhale, and explode. You should do six to then cycles of this. After you finish your cycles, take a deep breath and see it disappear, but know that it is still there. Finish by doing the Tarot Contemplation Ritual.

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Aleister Crowley - Liber P The Book Of Peh
Aleister Crowley - Skill Of The Adoption Of The Godly Forms
Frater Achad - The Anatomy Of The Body Of God

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Inducing Out Of Body Experiences Within A Lucid Dream

Inducing Out Of Body Experiences Within A Lucid Dream Image
In a dream, I will become lucid and examine my dreamscape to stabilize within it. You can increase stability and create clarity if you're lucid dreaming and vision isn't too clear by saying forcefully and confidently, INCREASE CLARITY NOW!" I utilized this effective technique, and expanded upon it by using verbal commands to create almost anything. "Increase Lucidity Now," and "Increase Levels of Lucidity Now," were my most notable and important commands.

In an LD, I will say "Increase Clarity Now," and this brings increased awareness and focus and crisp resolution. Once I stabilize again and get comfortable, I then intend verbally, "Increase Levels of Lucidity Now."

Even more intensity is brought about by this. Background colors may take on hyper-sensitive tones, possible a wavering background. It's intense! Regrounding and becoming stabilized is essential in the LD before you INCREASE LUCIDITY or else the increased lucidity that occurs is too much to handle and either visuals are lost or you wake up immediately.

Likewise, reestablishing after you've heightened your lucidity it important. You must do this until you are comfortable with this higher level and can then continue to increase it.

This process of increasing level is repeated and then restablized (three times is usually good enough for me) until I reach the point where I am so lucid that I can verbally command or intend or even just think, "Find the physical body but don't get trapped into it. Prepare for an out of body experience." After practicing this for a while, I don't have to repeat the whole thing but it was useful in the beginning. I've reached the point where I can reach a heightened level of lucidity and verbally say, "It's time for an O.B.E.

At this point, if I'm successful, I'll be more conscious of my actual body which before hand I'm not all. Before I was more in tune with my dream body, but now I'm equally conscious of my physical body, yet still in that altered state of mind. Like that interim phrase between lucid dreams where no visuals can be seen, you're conscious of dreaming and your body asleep in bed but you just wait out in the black void until some visuals begin to form into a new dream world that you'll enter in the next lucid dream cycle.

Though I digress, it seems almost as if there's a slight bilocation of awareness, but you must be aware that you're observing this from somewhere/place beyond ties of the body and yet there's a conscious feeling in the body that's almost a loose energetic feeling. If I can reach this point, I will wind up reaching a state of bilocation and a vibrational state will be reached in my physical body. Flowing through my body will be mild currents of electric-like ripples. Sometimes vibrations can get very intense and seem "hard to take" maybe even feeling scary and spooky. But it doesn't hurt. It actually gets easier each time until it eventually feels pleasurable.

Instead of thinking so much and analyzing what's happening, and I can resist the urge to fight the vibes or analyze them, I can let go of it all and be in the moment. BECAUSE IM IN THE VIBRATIONAL STAGE, I KNOW THAT IM THAT MUCH CLOSER TO LIFTING OUT OF MY PHYSICAL BODY. I know now that I am going to have an OBE and that vague notion is there and I intend to have one. Vibrations will continue to increase and become full-blown waves that ripple through me with an accompanied buzzing sound like, "Mmnmnmn." My physical body is almost contracting, slowly flowing up and down my body.

Once you've reached the point where the vibrations are full-blown, I now intend to leave the body. My awareness will just rock back and forth or even just the thought or intent is enough. Eventually, somehow I'll be catapulted from the body, sometimes just a lift out but other times, I can just stand up and get "out" of bed.

It's definitely not a lucid dream. It's an OBE and I'll be hovering in one room for awhile and then I'll go explore my apartment. Within a few minutes, I'll see things I know aren't actually happening. People will be in my living room, able to move things,... This is a sign that dream imagery has superimposed itself on the astral realm. Once this happens, I have two choices. I can go with the flow of the semi-OBE/LD or I can reinduce an OBE with will zap me back into my body and will send me into a full blown vibrational state and I can go through the process again.

Consciousness and lucidity amounts are at extremely elevated levels so I generally wind up just 'running with" and maximizing my lucid dream to see where it takes me. Or whatever goal I have planned, I'll use this state to follow through with it. When the visuals indicate that I am now in a lucid dream, I have tried to reinduce an OBE. I have had success with this but the same thing generally happens. The BE will usually become a highly lucid lucid dream after I'm "out" for awhile..which ain't too bad. I'm often happy to be in the LD because I get to explore and see what it has to offer.

I can often exit the body successfully but "true" visuals" of my actual apartment can only be maintained for a few minutes before The LD-state begins to merge with OBE. While I may be setting stricter guidelines for an OBE since I've heard from many accomplished OBE's that travel in realsm which are not "real" in a sense that they are NOT an exact replica of our "real" waking world. In this "real" environ, I would love to be able to prolong the OBE awareness. Once I managed to float through the door and into my roommates room to see them sleeping in their bed. I was so conscious when they started to awaken that I really thought I was in their room. I became scared that they would wake up and find me in their room sleepwalking.

This incident felt so real or rather I perceived it as that real. I hovered in the corner of the ceiling and they did wake up. That was when I realized that this must have been a lucid dream and there was no logical way to explain how I could hover on the ceiling and they could "see" me unless we were in a dream...or whatever label you want to place on the altered state.

As the story goes on, I saw their clothes and noticed that his girlfriend wore a yellow felt sweater that I'd never seen her wearing before. I thought it was strange that I wouldn't picture her in something I knew she might actually wear. There was no way I could have seen her wearing the sweater that night before because I was fast asleep before they returned home and she had never worn it before. The strange thing was that the next day she was wearing the exact yellow sweater I had seen in my LD or was it an OBE...or is what matters the level of awareness.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Anonymous - Black Book Of Forbidden Knowledge Lucid Dreaming
Benjamin Rowe - Enochian Temples Generating The Abyss Experience With The Temple
Robert Peterson - Out Of Body Experiences How To Have Them And What To Expect

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