Neopaganism Wicca Beginner Guide

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Here's is an article I wrote in response to a request for a Wicca Beginner's Guide:

Wicca is one form of witchcraft.

And many Wiccans are not actually practicing witches.


Wicca is a relatively new pagan religion that traces back to Gerard Gardner. Who due to his frustration with both Christianity and Ceremonial Magic (which uses psychic skills through rituals, traditions and the laws of nature) that was at that time the only 'alternative' offering, prompted him to create something different.

Some suggest that it came about in 1951 and other texts claim it was in 1954 - suffice to say it was in the 50's that Wicca came into being.

WICCANS ARE TAUGHT TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR LIVES and live by the Wiccan Rede which has the 'golden rule' of "An ye harm none, do what ye will"


They learn to create consciously outcomes that bring themselves and others that given them permission to cast on there behalf, joy.


Most Wiccans believe it is unethical to impose their beliefs on others, let alone tell them how to worship.


That 9 times out of 10 we are creating unconsciously - and that may then mean we are creating what we don't want. As we are busy caught up in our emotions about something - and that emotion/feeling is sending out an energy wave that then brings back in like your experience.


As stated the Wiccan Rede is very much the Wiccan Golden Rule. It reads as:


"Bide the Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust."

"Live and let live - fairly take and fairly give."

"Cast the Circle thrice about to keep the evil spirits out."

"To bind the spell every time, let the spell be spake in rhyme."

"Soft of eye and light of touch - speak ye little, listen much."

"Deosil go by the waxing moon - sing and dance the Wiccan Rune."

"Widdershins go when the Moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by thr dread wolfsbane."

"When the Lady's Moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two."

"When the Moon rides at Her peak, then your heart's desire seek."

"Head the North wind's mighty gale - lock the door and drop the sail."

"When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss thee on the mouth."

"When the West wind blows o'er, the departed spirits restless be."

"Nine woods in the Cauldron go, burn them quick and burn them slow."

"Elder be ye Lady's tree - burn it not or cursed ye'll be."

"When the Wheel begins to turn, let the Beltane fires burn."

"When the Wheel has turned to Yule, light the log and let Pan rule."

"Heed ye flower, bush and tree - by the Lady blessed be."

"When the ripping waters go, cast a stone and truth ye'll know."

"When ye are in dire need, hearkin not to other's greed."

"With the fool no season spend, or be counted as his friend."

"Mind the threefold law ye should - three times bad and tree times good."

"When misfortune is enow, wear the blue star on thy brow. "

"True in love ever be, unless thy lover's false to thee."

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will."

The main thing to take out of this as a Wicca Beginner's Guide is that Wiccan's very much have a live and let live philosophy and come from a true, loving, open, hearted space where they believe anything is possible and it is about working WITH the energies of the universe.



Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Alex Pidd - Stav Runes Notebook A Beginners Guide
Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Journeying A Beginner Guide

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Magickal Reveries

Magickal Reveries Cover
Dedicated to Bill Heidrick
...who opened the door...

I am as the Moon
Our Light is ever changing
Healing, gathering

copyright, Hugh Read, 1987

As Capricorn begins the year darkly
From the depths of light
As the distant Sun
Begins Her Northward Path

Saturn begins her leaden rainbow dance
Giving form to time
The Gates to Formlessness
Make way for new forms

To emerge out of Saturnian Black
Gates of Formlessness
Are now used by wise souls
Seeking Endlessness

As new forms dance in, wise souls may dance out
To Eternity
To explore timeless states
And spaceless being

Saturn planet of time and timelessness
Space and spacelessness
Of limits and freedom
Is our leaden key

To the golden place of immortality
The Bliss of Saturn
Is sweet, rich bliss, indeed
In dark Capricorn

Agape is subtle wine, holy...pure
While Chubby Eros
Is a belching beer
Good old, sad old lust
Is Thelema will with desire charged
Is Thelema greed
Drunk on yeasty-rich lust
Rapine in her heart
Or is Thelema subtle will, divine
Heaven's Spirit scent
Beyond sight, will or mind
Like good Christian Faith

As Capricorn begins the year darkly
From the depths of light
As the distant Sun
Begins Her Northward Path

Saturn begins her leaden rainbow dance
Giving form to time
The Gates to Formlessness
Make way for new forms

To emerge out of Saturnian Black
Gates of Formlessness
Are now used by wise souls
Seeking Endlessness
As new forms dance in, wise souls may dance out
To Eternity
To explore timeless states
And spaceless being

Saturn planet of time and timelessness
Space and spacelessness
Of limits and freedom
Is our leaden key

To the golden place of immortality
The Bliss of Saturn
Is sweet, rich bliss, indeed
In dark Capricorn

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Protect me, Mother,
In my loneliness

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Lead me to earthly love
Lead me to my Self

Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Surround me with lovers
Who heal me with love
Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Allow me loving friends
Who heal me with love
Isis spread your loving wings over me
Enfold me within
Lead me to earthly love
Lead me to my Self

When bright spark was struck at dark equinox
Hard clarity came
As Sun struck Saturn
In His Earthy home
The Astral Year begins in Saturn's house
In chill mystery
The leaden wheel begins
Her twelve month circle

From Earth to Air to Water to Fire
Then again begin
Spinning wheel of magick
Through time and through space

Twelve stations of the Elemental Cross
Break the calender
Wear tattered calender
Like torn beggar's rags

Twelve mundane months slip over Heaven's Year
Solstice to solstice
Tearing the paper year
With ancient power

Now the dark solstice has come and has gone
Year is born anew
New Year's day ahead
Surly overlay

Vying with our more ancient starry year
The New Roman Year
Trys hard to hide the Gods
Nor can it hide them

For their power is born ever anew
Through the twelve stations
And deep in each month
Their Life births Magick

As Virgo dies the dark Crone encroaches
Hard with Grey Power
Harsh-shrivelled with Wisdom
Of a long chaste life
What seems to be ugly, mean grows in strength
Like a walnut shell
Wrinkled shell, wrinkled nut
Wrinkled wise, old brain
Cruel Death mercifully releases Beauty
Libra roses rise
Gentle Autumn breezes
Pink, red, soft petals
From peak to craggy peak the Horn'd One leaps
Fire in his eyes
Hard shouldered...white-hot chest
Antlered man on high

Blue lightening flashes from his bright-hot thighs
Swift knees crash through trees
In the ancient forest
Of my ancient mind

From those depths my ancient powers rise
Fire in my eyes
Soft heart hardens. Wisdom
Surges in my thighs

Knees and ankles loosen, muscles tighten
I am the Horn'd One!
I am He! I am Free!
Ancient One in me!

Affirmation: I am Pan! I am Cernunnos! I am the Horn'd One. I am Shiva! I am
He! I am Atman! I am Free!

Is Peace possible on Battlefield Earth
No. Not now, Kali
Your Yuga demands War
War is our teacher

Only through War can we learn to escape
Your prison of Time
The only Peace there is
Is hidden within

Each individual heart. Turn within
Make that your War
Exploit the Battlefield
By turning away

That is War enough in Kali's prison
Of Time and of Space
Learn to reverse the Field
And find your own Peace

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Kelly Link - Magic For Beginners
Samael Aun Weor - Magic Runes
Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival

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Wicca Midnight Candle Magic

Wicca Midnight Candle Magic Image
Candle and fire magic were the first types of folk magic I ever used, before I'd heard of Wicca and Paganism when I believed witches were mythical creatures alongside the unicorn and bigfoot I would burn little spells or light candles at the full moon to send blessings to loved ones. Today my candle magic has definitely advanced and I even make my own candles now, but the principles and purposes still remain the same. Now I dress my own candles with my handmade anointing oils and I carve names, symbols or prayers into the wax. I have certain candle burning rituals linked to Brighid's eternal flame - one on my altar and one in my kitchen. When I perform workings for myself, I always use candles, and if I'm out (which rarely occurs!), I use burnt offerings. It may be because I am a fire sign, I love fire, watching it, tending it, scrying in the flames

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Jaroslav Nemec - Witchcraft And Medicine
Phillip Williams - Night Magic

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Meditational Quarter Calls

Meditational Quarter Calls Cover

We look to the East and the warm caress of the new born Sun, as it rises, fresh and full of hope for a new day. The wind brushes softly through your hair, caressing your cheek, as you stand on the precipice. Before you yawns a chasm, waiting for a leap of faith. You know that only through carrying complete trust in your heart and soul can this distance be crossed. Resembling The Fool of the Tarot, you comprehend that the wisest person is often the one who is without preconceived limitations, and is therefore open to all that the universe can bestow. Here is the knowledge that only by dropping barriers and giving yourself over to the universe, can you spread your wings and learn to soar.


In the South we find the heat of the noon day Sun. Shining brightly, it warms us with its fiery passion. Its energy courses through your veins, driving you to dare...and to dance. In the distance, lava pours down the side of a volcano as Pele watches. A hibiscus flower in her hair joins with her glowing smile as a reminder of the beauty of renewal. A butterfly flits by, freshly transformed. Like the snake, coiled nearby in a circle, here we learn that all must suffer in order to grow. The dead must be cut away to make room for the new life and only by shedding your skin can you become free.


You sit on the beach, calmed by the ocean...pacific. Waves make soft soothing sounds on the edges of your perception. The beauty of the sunset transfixes you as the water laps softly at your toes. Mother ocean cleanses away the stresses of your day. Away goes the fatigue and the fear, leaving only contentment and love. The feeling here brings to mind a picture of Kuan Yin seated on a lotus blossom, holding a vial containing the tears of humanity. In her pose of royal ease, she is ever ready to go to any who need her. She reminds you that compassion is necessary for understanding of yourself and of others. Thoughts of peace extend out to those across the waters, as an inner tranquillity fills you.


It is dark in the forest and probably nearing midnight. All is quiet except for the hoot of an owl in the distant shadows. You snuggle closer into the gnarled trunk of the old (willow, oak, World) tree, as its strength supports your back and its roots cuddle you close. The umbrella of the leaves above you protects you and offers you a safe place to stay and rest for a while. You meld and join with the tree, remembering all the creatures who have lived and died here, playing out again and again the circle of life. Your roots reach deep into the earth, keeping you grounded and secure. Your trunk is strong enough to support you and yet flexible enough to bend when outside forces twist and pull upon you. Your branches reach out to the heavens, finding joy in the presence of their distant glow. The connection from earth to sky flows through you, and here you finally understand the connectedness of all existence. Here you know that you a never alone. Here all are one.

Sealing circle:

Mentally draw a line around us, letting the end come around to join and forge with the beginning, encompassing this space in a circle of pulsing energy. It glows white with the light of knowledge, passion, tranquillity, and strength. It carries the force of trust, energy, compassion and connectedness. Gaining power with each pulsing cycle, it's path widens and grows up into the air and extends itself down into the earth (floor) becoming a glowing sphere of protection. In this space, you are conscious of all and of nothing. Here you are in a place without a place and a time without a time. Here you are safe. Here you can work without distractions from the mundane world and be fully open to receive that which the universe seeks to teach you. The circle is cast. So mote it be.

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Order Of The Golden Dawn - Meditation With The Archangel Auriel
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Rats In The Walls

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Hex To Banish Discord And Darkness

Hex To Banish Discord And Darkness Cover
Here is a great Hex to bring total chaos to your enemies or someone you hate. Perfect for someone who has done you wrong in a bad way.

You will need a piece of thick string or yarn about 9 or 10 inches long. You will tie 3 separate knots a couple of inches apart as you recite the following:

"With this knot I seal this hex
You will not sleep, you will not rest
Knots of anger, knots of hate
Discord brings you to your fate
I tie this second knot makes two
Bringing darkness over you
Slander, discord, evil too
Bringing darkness straight to you
With this third knot, I do bind
Weaving chaos in your mind
Hex of anger, Hex of hate
Bring him down, I will not wait
So mote it be!"

As you do this spell be thinking of all the chaos that it is going to bring to your enemy and make sure you are worked up into a rage before doing the spell. This will make it all the more effective. When you are done, see if you can hide this string (with the now-tied knots) around your enemies home. This will make it more potent. If not, then save it in a special place until you decide to untie the knots and give your enemy a second chance.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

Robert Ambelain - Martinism History And Doctrine
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Whisperer In Darkness
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Uniting Ladder

Uniting Ladder Cover
A love binding spell for a new love, or to have an old love return to you. Love spells to get a person to commit are rare. Many love spells will provide an obsessed partner, but that isn't exactly commitment. This commitment spell is extremely manipulative and most Witches would consider it Black magick and against the Rede. It also contains some more difficult to obtain ingredients, but is easier then some. I would recommend practicing relationship and communication skills and gaining the trust of your desired one by digging deep into their emotions and listening carefully whenever they talk. Find out what makes them tick and see if you are compatible.

Important note: Never, never, ever, tell your target that this working has been done or that a spell has been cast on them. The target will become your enemy if this happens.

Components needed:

- A string or thread from the target's clothing, about 9 (or preferably more) inches long.
- A string from your clothing, the same length.
- A red candle (any type)
- A tall red taper candle
- A drop of the person's scent (this would be their favorite cologne/perfume, aftershave, shampoo, whatever they smell like the most)
- Dried rose petals
- Vanilla extract, about 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce)
- A rose quartz (washed in hot soapy water and rinsed well)
- 1 ounce of rum
- 2 cups of fresh water (spring water or rain water is best)
- Salt (any type)
- Incense (any type, but musk or vanilla are appropriate)
- Glass vial or bottle

Maintain focus on your target coming to you in love during the entire working and as often as you can until the spell is fulfilled.

Potion preparation:

Bring the fresh water to a boil for 5 minutes. Turn down the heat very low so the mixture stays warm but does not boil. Add the rose petals while saying:

"Dancing on the wind I go
To aid ______'s love to flow
His/her love will now fully bloom
His/her desire for me will come soon."

Reconfirm your focus on the target loving you and coming to you. Add the vanilla extract while saying"

"Sweet charm, no meant to harm,
Evoke his/her desire to take my arm.
Deep within him/her I summon it,
To come to me as I see fit."

Reconfirm your focus, remove the mixture from the stove. Add a pinch of salt while saying:

"No one may interfere magickally,
this spell can only be undone by me."

Reconfirm your focus, add the ounce of rum while saying:

"Drunk with love s/he will come to me,
no other love will s/he see.
Our love will grow in purity,
And once it is true, this spell is set free."

Let the mixture cool and put it in a nice glass bottle with the rose quartz. This should be a bottle that has an appealing shape and is worthy of containing such a potion. (Do not use a bottle that used to contain something strong smelling like cologne.)

Now comes the actual spell casting. So far you have completed the potion which is an ingredient of the actual spell.

Timing: This part of the working should start about 15 minutes before sunrise on a Friday. It should be concluded by 1 hour after sunrise so make sure you know it from start to finish in your mind. Check the Pagan path Almanac or your local weather station for exact sunrise times.

Begin: Clear an open area that you can work in and are comfortable in. This should be approximately a 6 foot diameter space. You should not feel cramped. Find some sort of table with at least 1 foot of top surface space. Place the table in the center of the area you have cleared and assemble the two candles, the strings, the potion, a bowl of salt, incense, target's scent.

Armed with the slat and starting in the North of your working area, cast a circle by making a salt circle. Cast it clockwise (deosil) while saying:

"I cast this circle to protect me from bane.
I cast this circle to contain my energy until it is open.
The circle is strong and will hold true."

Light the red candle and facing South, say:

"Burning passion and desire,
Arise in ________ like a burning fire."

Place the candle on the table, pick up the taper candle and anoint it with target's scent. With the cologne (or whatever) on your index finger, start in the middle of the candle and move down. Go all around the candles bottom half, rubbing only in downward strokes. Now start in the middle again and rub up to the wick all around the candle, only in upward strokes. Focus on your target coming to you in love.

Take both strings, hold them together and tie a knot at one end while focusing and say:

"I bind this knot and bring ________'s love."

Tie another know at the opposite end of the parallel strings while saying:

"I bind this knot and bring ________'s desire."

Tie another knot near the first one on the opposite side and say:

"I bind this knot and bring ________'s faithfulness."

Tie another knot next to the second one you tied and say:

"I bind ______'s love to me."

Another next to the third one you tied. Say:

"Come to me, so mote it be."

Wrap the cord around the anointed taper at the base and light it, saying:

"The fire of love burns in his/her heart."

Light the incense while saying:

"This smoke does hereby evoke,
his commitment to me that he cannot revoke."

Sit and focus on your goal. You may wish to chant the following:

"_______ to me, so mote it be."

After a few minutes, pick up the red candle and let three drops of wax fall on the bottle of potion (not in it, just on the lid or glass) and say:

"This spell is sealed."

Put down the candle, remove the knotted cord, open the potion and dip the cord into it once while saying:

"I infuse this cord,
the spell is stored.
So long as knots remain,
His/her love for me will never wane."

Recap the potion and hold it above the incense so that smoke surrounds it. Turn it so the smoke reaches all sides and say:

"This smoke seals his/her love for me."

Repeat the smudging with incense for the knotted core and say:

"His/her love is bound."

Place all items back on the table and go around the circle counter clockwise (widdershins) while saying:

"The circle is open,
the spell is released.
His/her love for me,
will never cease."

Take the potion outside so that sunlight will infuse it. Set it in the sun for as long as remain of the hour past sunrise. Take the potion in and store it in a safe space. Each day, place a drop of the potion on your forehead, each breast and on your groin area (4 drops total). Carry the cord with you at all times and keep it near you when you sleep. Do not let anyone else see it. You can optionally store the cord in a safe space. Whenever the opportunity arises, sneak a FEW, 3 is best, drops of the potion in food or drink that your target will consume.

This will work, but when is hard to determine as it depends on many factors, among them, your personal power and confidence, timing the target's will, etc..

Recommended reading (pdf e-books):

Aleister Crowley - Concerning Blasphemy
Mama San Ra Ab Rampa - Autumn Lady
Anonymous - The Urantia Papers

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