Daniel Ogden Greek And Roman Necromancy

Daniel Ogden Greek And Roman Necromancy Cover
University of Exeter Professor of Ancient History Daniel Ogden has written several tomes of interest to both scholars and occultists. One of the key failing of today’s “open minded” magical practice is that too many people are unfamiliar with the long and rich history of the ‘Free Arts” and the basic rituals many of us use today. Ogden’s Magic Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds is not only an informative text of how our Pagan ancestors who founded the Western traditions viewed the unseen world, but is a virtual grimoire in and of itself. I urge practitioners of all traditions to give it a read.

In Greek and Roman Necromancy he concentrates on that dread tradition in all its aspects. It is interesting to note that, after reading this book, you can see some of the influence of these Greek and Roman traditions on the folk magics commonly associated with Latin American and Afro-Caribbean witchcraft.

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