The Adoration Of Money A Rite Of Blue Magick

The Adoration Of Money A Rite Of Blue Magick Cover
Background: Most occult practitioners have a jaundiced attitude toward money. It is seen as "the root of all evil", regardless of how much good it would bring to the persons life or how desperately it is needed. To be a selfish miser is certainly a "bad" thing, as is any selfish attitude of wantonness and desperation. But a "magician" who can't afford to eat properly can hardly be considered and "adept". It has been correctly observed that one will only have as much financial success as one thinks one deserves.

Money in our modern age has taken on all of the attributes of a spiritual being. It is mostly invisible, existing only as blips of a screen or bits in a data stream. It has it's likes and dislikes as any spiritual being has. It prefers to associate and bring it's blessings to those who show it respect and cater to it's ways. Certain "rituals" and "ceremonial dress" are contusive to attract money (the three piece suit seems to be one if it's most effective ritual "robes"!) The Money spirit will behave toward you as you behave toward it. Despise it, belittle it, denigrate it to a low level in your life and it will certainly flee from you. Worship it, exalt it, show it proper respect and learn it's ways and it will naturally flow toward you.

Above all the money spirit likes to move. It seems to have taken on the spirit of Elemental Air rather then Earth in the modern age - as they say, the current IS changing.

It is important when doing this working to provide "mundane" pathways by which money can reach you. It does very little good to wish for a pot of gold or cast spells to win lotteries. Gambling is far to "rigged" in the favor of the "house" to be much effected by magickal means - the odds are too great for the gentle "push" of magick to overcome in most cases. Quite likely, if one was a powerful enough mage to influence roulette wheels one would not _need_ to! So having a business venture or investment or job search or "something" by which the money can reach you is very important.


Purpose: This is a ritual designed to promote financial success in a general way. It is not intended to bring about income in a specific way, nor will it result in piles of cash materializing on your altar. The primary use of this rite is to alter one's subconscious attitude toward money, and allow the emergence of the celebrant(s) into the state of "Money consciousness".

Materials: A handful of coins, a blue sack, blue and/or green candles, Jupiterian incense.

Preparation: Each participant (this can be a solo or group working) should prepare a "money talisman" to consecrate as a charm to carry on oneself as a help to draw Money spirits. This can be a special coin, a watch fob, a money clip, or even a circular disk on which is drawn the symbol of Jupiter, the astrological godform which presides over matters of luck and success.

Participants should dress in either blue robes decorated with gold, or in some sort of "dress for success" manner. A three-piece suit would not be incorrect. The wearer of "power ties", gold watch fobs, or other outer trappings of "financial success" is also appropriate.


1) The candles and incense are lit on the altar, on which are also placed the talismans to be consecrated.
2) The temple space is consecrated and sealed by whatever method desired, circle casting, salute to the quarters, Vortex Rite, LBRP, etc.
3) The Statement of intent is pronounced by the participants:

"It is our Will to consecrate (a) talisman(s) to draw the Spirit of Money
into my/our live(s) and make my/ourselves (a) suitable vessel for Money

4) The blue sack is taken from the altar and each participant places a hand full of coins into it. The Main Operator then stands at each quarter and shakes the sack four times, thereby calling to the Money spirits with the sound they love most.
5) The Main Operator then begins the invocation of the Money Gods, to be echoed line by line by other participants:

"We call upon the Spirits of Money, in the name of Jupiter
To come forth and manifest in our lives!
For we know the nature of Money has changed,
From land to gold to paper to plastic to pure information.
Money has become like unto Air, not Earth;
Like Air, it must move to be manifest;
If it is hoarded it shall slowly die.
But when Money moves, it is making love;
Make love to us, oh Money! We shall be your lovers!
We shall respect you, move you, share you, invest in you!
Come to us, oh Money! And we, your lovers, shall give you life!"

6) The sack is then passed around again, and each participant places in it the money talisman to be consecrated. When all have done so, the Main Operator takes the sack and begins to shake it rhythmically, like a rattle, while the participants chant together the incantation, repeating it as much as needed until a trance like state is achieved:

"I love Money and Money loves me!
I need Money and Money needs me!
I deserve Money and Money deserves me!"

(This part of the Rite harks back to the practice of Shamanism, so if any are totally unfamiliar with the concepts of trance chanting and drumming, some study of the practice may be beneficial.)
7) At the climax of the chanting the Main Operator raises the sack on high and rattles it forcefully, calling out "Money, we love you! Come to us and stay!"
8) The sack is passed around once again, and each participant retrieves their talisman. (The coins should be removed and given to either charity or the homeless, as a sacrifice and also in keeping with the concept of "Money in motion".)
9) Temple is closed and banished appropriately.

The talismans should be carried on their person, especially when engaged in any potential money making activity.

by Joseph Max - Sept. 17, 1994

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