Elemental Quarter Call

Elemental Quarter Call Cover
The following is what I remember of a chant done by a now defunct vocal group in the DC area for a women's circle. As long as no one objects to the lack of male images, though, there isn't any reason you couldn't use it in a mixed group.

Elemental Quarter Call I

"Earth Mother, come to me. Heal my wounds and comfort me.
" " " " " " " " " set me free.
" " " " " " " " " comfort me.
I am the Earth, I am the Earth.
I am the form of the Goddess.
(repeat last two lines)

Air, wind, breath and blow. Dawn light breezes go.
(repeat x2)
I am the breath, I am the breath,
I am the breath of the Goddess

Fire, fire, warm desire. Change me, form me 'til I'm higher.
(repeat x2)
I am the heat, I am the heat.
I am the heat of the Goddess

Water falling, rain and snow. Water rushing like a stream
Water spouting up in steam, rolling in the ocean.
" " " " " " " " "
I am the tears, I am the tears
I am the tears of the Goddess.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
(repeat x3)

This does have a tune. It is not plainchant.
However, since I know nothing about transcribing music,
if you want the chant, you'll have to find
an old "Pomagrante" tape. Good Luck! ;-)

Elemental Quarter Call II

O Thou of the East, thou Topaz element of inspiration, we ask thy presence and soft winds at this our (specifiy ritual).
O Thou of the South, Thou Ruby element of transformation, we ask thy presence and bright fires of passion at this our (specify ritual).
O Thou of the West, thou sapphire element of peaceful shaping, we ask thy presence and gentle waters of emotional balm at this our (specify ritual).
O Thou of the North, Thou emerald element of healing, we ask thy presence and fertile grounds of well being at this our (specify ritual).

For dismissal substitute thank for ask above. I thought the request was for gender neutral quarter calls, but may have been mistaken.

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