Magickal Workings And Helpful Hints

Magickal Workings And Helpful Hints Cover
Helpful Hint

Usually when I'm doing a spell I use quiet music like Enya or Renaissance. It helps to set the mood of the spell.

Magickal Working

To remove a wart, first thing in the morning when you wake up, take saliva from your mouth and rub it onto the wart. This will gradually remove your wart, remember to say a prayer of thanks to the Goddess and God.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to morning breath.

Helpful Hint

I have found an interesting little spell that has helped me numerous time in the cold weather to heat up. First, visualize a glowing ball of pure energy above you (if you visualize the ball being your favorite color it helps too). Next, visualize the ball transcending into your body and stopping in the center of your torso. Then, visualize streams of the energy going off into all parts of your body.

Helpful Hint

To invoke the beauty inside.

First go into the bathroom or a place with running water, then picture all the things that you think make you not like yourself. Picture all these things running down your arm and onto the palm of your hands. Put your hands in the water and scrub away the negative things you thought of. This will make you feel better and brings out your beauty.


A Prayer For Ridding Negative Thinking

O Goddess within;
O God within;
O Goddess of the Moon, the Waters and the Earth;
O God of the Sun, the Forests and the Mountains:
I need to feel Your presence.
I need to be reminded of You.
Assist me to remember Your lessons;
Show me the key that will unlock my spirituality.
Blessed Be.

Helpful Hint

Traffic Lights

Here is one that helps traffic lights stay green.

Count of one this spell begun
Count of two all traffic lights in tune
Count of three all lights stay green for me
Then hit the seat three times and then say:
So Mote It Be!


Moon Cloud

After the break of dawn, if the sky is pink, go outside and face east. You may notice what appears to be a large crescent moon above a certain number of smaller moons. They look sort of like clouds, but you know they are not. However many of moons you see that is the number of other new witches you may meet in person that day.


We're Not Satan Worshippers

Many people think that witches or whatever you'd like to call yourself for worshipping the great mother and the horned one, are Satan worshippers. I beg to differ because I read something that proves all who believe we are Satan worshippers wrong. "To worship Satan or the devil, you must first believe in his great counter part God." Therefore, since we worship the goddess and god and I believe that there are no evil super powers then I plea to all others to consider this as well. Blessed be, and good luck.

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